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Over the next few weeks we will be profiling some of our friends who boat at WW HQ.  First up is Ben one of regular play boaters.....

What’s your Name?

Ben Coulton

How did you start paddling?
My dad used to kayak and still does on the small occasions I can drag him out. He helped run the Monmouth canoe club so he introduced me to it there.

Favourite sport?
There are other sports other than kayaking?

How long have you been boating?
It started on and off for 3 years, then I've paddled consistently for about 7 years.

What’s your kayak of choice?
For freestyle I use a Jackson Rockstar (small) and for anything else I use a Pyranha Burn (small).

Favourite TV programme?
Geordie Shore

Favourite App?
I despise apple products and use cheap phones so I don't have anything to have apps on.

Summer or Winter boating?
I would probably say winter boating is better as you get all the welsh rivers flowing.

Best place / river in the world to paddle?
Either the Zambezi or White Nile.

Best boater in the world?
Either Ben Marr or Jared Seiler.

Favourite colour?

Best piece of kit?
Jackson Thruster Combo, it holds my knees tight in the boat and gives me that bit more control over the boat.

Best coach at CIWW?
Malcolm (talc) is easily the best, willing to help you out on a move that your stuck on or even a totally new move. He has taught me most of the moves I can do in a hole.

Best course at CIWW

I haven't been on any of the courses provided at ciww, only park and play, but I'm sure all the courses would be good fun.