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Can you remember what presents Father Christmas left you under the tree last year? Nor me and nor can the majority of young people (or adults come to mention it). However, ask them what they did on holiday, or what it was like to experience an activity for the first time, and they’ll recall it excitedly and explain exactly how it made them feel at the time. 

Despite the positivity and happiness that surrounds experiences and making memories, many of us still insist on buying material things and giving into the pressure of an increasingly throw-away society. Children thrive when they spend quality time with their families, which is why it’s so important to prioritise and savour shared experiences. Young people also benefit from leading active lifestyles and trying out new activities, particularly as fun experiences can result in them taking up and succeeding at sports.

Cardiff International White Water has all these bases covered all year round. You can raft, surf, SUP and Air Trail together as a family, and all our activities are suitable for children aged 6 and over, so why not give the magical gift of an experience?
Our vouchers can be purchased in different ways – simply buy them online and print off the vouchers, or we can add the vouchers to a gift envelope. They start at just £10pp or you can choose an activity that you know will bring a smile to their face. The majority of our vouchers are valid for 12 months, so you can even wait until it warms up a little.

We can guarantee that this time next year when you ask them what their favourite Christmas present was it will be an activity at Cardiff International White Water!