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Inflatable kayaking or 'hotdogging' is a popular white water experience which offers sensational fun to both beginners and experienced paddlers. An adrenaline-filled tandem activity, white water hotdogging courses place groups of adventurers in the comfort of inflatable, two-man kayaks and set them down the rapids, where they can navigate obstacles and drops under the expert supervision of our instructors.

The positions of paddlers in this new mode of 2 person kayaking, amidst the sides of the raft, is strangely reminiscent of a hot dog – which is how the inflatable kayaking gets its nickname. An equally exciting activity for smaller groups and bigger parties, white water kayaking is the perfect course for those who have already tried traditional white water rafting and want to experience something new.

Combining the best of both kayaking and rafting, inflatable kayaking lessons are a great way to test both your communication skills and your white water navigation abilities!

By proceeding to book and pay for this session, you are in agreement with our 'CIWW-Coached Terms and Conditions' which are available to view here.


What to bring


  1. Towel
  2. Swimwear
  3. £1 coin for locker
CIWW Provides all other specialist equipment required to take part in this activity - e.g wetsuits, wetsuit boots, helmets and buoyancy aids. 




  1. 12 years and above
  2. Confident in and around water




2 hour session - including kitting up and a safety briefing

What is an inflatable kayak?

Duckies, as inflatable kayaks are also lovingly known in some areas, have really transformed the world of watersports. Similar in design to hard-shell kayaks, inflatable kayaks are made from sturdy fabrics such as PVC. Usually, you can fit between two and three people in a ducky, which makes them perfect for tandem 2 person kayaking.

The driving characteristics of an inflatable kayak are the same as the traditional one – even down to the paddle that’s used. In addition to being stable and easy to manoeuvre, duckies are a popular choice for white water sports because they are self-bailing and easy to board again in case you topple over.

Inflatable kayaking vs traditional 2 person kayaking

As water sport connoisseurs, we often get asked which one is better – an inflatable kayak or a hardshell one. The truth is, they are both fantastic, and which one you enjoy more depends on your paddling preferences.

Hardshell kayaks are still more robust when it comes to performance and durability, while inflatable kayaks have the edge when it comes to being lightweight and easy to handle. In the context of white water kayaking, duckies have the advantage of better control and the added comfort that comes with that.

2 person kayaking is also often done in inflatable kayaks, as they offer a more challenging experience when it comes to working in tandem to navigate the rapids. An inflatable kayaking course is a great combination of fun and trilling adventure.

Is inflatable kayaking safe?

Inflatable hotdogging is very safe – probably more than you might have guessed! The risk of punctures is low, and with three separate air chambers which make up each ducky, you can rest assured that even if there is a leak, you’ll have more than sufficient support to see you safely to shore. 

All you need in order to stay safe when you go white water hotdogging is some common sense and an experienced guide. Stable and easy to manoeuvre, duckies shouldn’t cause you any trouble on the water.

Inflatable kayaking types

Recreational inflatable kayaks are commonly used in white water kayaking lessons. Perfect for all types of water, this type of ducky requires no paddling experience and boasts a paddling technique that’s easy to learn. Thanks to its considerable width, which makes it the perfect choice for beginners, the recreational inflatable kayak is also a stable choice for a 2 person kayaking course where control is of the essence.

White Water Inflatable Kayak

Designed specifically for white water hotdogging, these inflatable kayaks have a very distinctive shape. Shorter and wider than traditional duckies, they are tailored for advanced white water kayaking lessons where maximum stability is required to navigate more challenging rapids and drops. Favouring skillful maneuvering over speed, white water hotdogging also requires a specific paddling technique, so we recommend choosing a dedicated course if you want to experience the thrill and stay safe.

Developing white water kayaking skills

Regardless of your previous experience with water sports, developing some white water kayaking skills in a safe environment can make a world of difference when navigating the rapids. Our dedicated inflatable kayaking lessons are the perfect opportunity to have fun and perfect your tandem paddling technique through a series of 2 person kayaking sessions.

Inflatable hotdogging: the boarding basics

One very particular skill required for white water hotdogging is the ability to safely get in and out of your ducky. Inflatable kayaks are very stable, so with a bit of practice you’ll be able to board one effortlessly regardless of your ages and rafting abilities. During a CIWW white water kayaking course, you will learn how to hop on and off a ducky from the shore and the water, so you are prepared for any situation.

Experience the thrill of navigating the rapids – book a white water hotdogging session.

Key info
£65 per person
Session Time
Approx 2 hours
Participants must be 12yrs old of over
All coaching and specialist equipment is provided