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Over the years, hundreds of stag groups have enjoyed our unique and fun filled stag activities. Gone are the days when a stag doo meant an all day drinking session, these days it’s a chance to create memories with your best friends. Planning your best friend’s stag doo can be difficult, especially when there are so many stag activities out there. But why not try something different? We have a number of awesome white water stag activities that will be sure to get the banter flowing and give the groom the stag doo that he deserves. Below are some of our most popular stag activities:

Hot Dogging

Hot dogging is a relatively new activity and probably one that none of your group will have tried before. A hot-dog is essentially a two person inflatable kayak, perfect if you like a good challenge! The concept of this activity is very similar to white water rafting and will require you to navigate your way through our challenging waters with nothing but a small inflatable craft to protect you. Prepare to get wet and wild in this epic stag activity. All coaching and equipment is provided by CIWW, with sessions lasting approximately 2 hours.

Stand up paddle boarding

Again, this is an activity that not many of your group will have tried before. Originating on the sunny island of Hawaii, stand up paddle boarding is a combination of surfing and canoeing/kayaking. While maintaining your balance on an oversized board, you must use a canoe type paddle to navigate your way through the water. This stag activity is a great way to enjoy the flat water whilst also getting a full body workout! Stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular among stag groups who visit us, most of which have never heard of the activity prior to coming here. Sessions last approximately 3 hours and all coaching and specialist equipment is provided.

White Water Rafting

Our most popular stag activity of all, White Water Rafting is an awesome way to get people talking. This activity is particularly good if members of your stag group haven’t met before. Our white water rafting experience has pretty much everything that you could ever want from a stag activity. Not only is it team focused, but it’s thrilling, challenging, and a great way to test the camaraderie of your group. Sessions last approximately 2 hours and all coaching and specialist equipment is provided.

River Boarding

Similar to body boarding, river boarding allows you to get closer to the action. This activity requires you to use your river board to experience every twist and turn. This is an activity that has become immensely popular among white water enthusiasts. If you’re not afraid of getting too close to the action and fancy your chances of conquering our challenging waters, this is the ideal stag activity for you. All coaching and special equipment is provided by CIWW.

Gorge Walking

This is an exciting off site stag activity in the beautiful Neath valley that requires you to scramble up and down rivers and streams, sprint through steep gorges and leap into plunge pools. If it’s an adrenaline fuelled stag activity that you're after, look no further than Gorge Walking. What makes this such a great stag activity is the fact that you have to overcome nature’s elements in some of Wales's most beautiful surroundings. While Gorge Walking is an incredibly exciting stag activity, we aim to make it as safe as possible. As well as providing you with all of the safety equipment, you will also have a designated coach who will guide you throughout the activity.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking are becoming increasingly popular at CIWW. Kayaking is also an Olympic sport, where competitors compete in flat water sprint races and white-water slalom races. Who will be the winner of your kayaking stag Olympics? We often get asked the difference between Canoeing and Kayaking. A canoe is a watercraft that you kneel in and propel with a single bladed paddle, whereas a kayak is a watercraft that you sit in and propel with a double bladed paddle. Coaching and equipment is provided with both of these activities.

Indoor surfing

You don’t need the sea to ride epic waves! Our state of the art indoor wave machine makes for a brilliant adrenaline fuelled stag experience. Begin by riding the jets of water using a body board and then progress to stand up riding when you’re ready. The double lane design means that you and your friends can bodyboard together. Watch in amusement as the groom try's his best to keep his balance. Once you have mastered the art that is indoor surfing, you will be addicted! All coaching and specialist equipment is provided. What are you waiting for? It’s time to tear up the waves!

If you are interested in booking one of our stag activities, or you have a question regarding them, call us today on (029) 2082 997.