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What is gorge walking?

Gorge Walking is a challenging and fast paced activity - a dream to the adventurers of the world! Gorge walking routes will often involve crawling, walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping and swimming in a remote setting where your adrenaline stays pumped! Plus, you also are previewed to the wilderness – nature at its finest!


Gorge scrambling is usually carried out in a remote location; the setting will usually have canyons which are cut into the bed stone rock, forming narrow gorges and drops which create stunning waterfalls (great to look at and to go under!) CIWW’s route in the Neath Valley, takes you through gorges and waterfalls, over rocks and leaping into plunge pools.

How to get there

We usually meet our clients at the venue however, if you require transport we can provide it.  Transport to and from the venue will be charged at an additional cost.  If your group is less than 8 then we can drive you there free of charge!


Safety information and coaching is required prior and during your gorge walk. Your instructor should have water rescue or climbing, mountaineering and supervisory experience together with experience in dealing with strong water danger. At CIWW, our guides are highly skilled in all these fields and provide clear safety instructions. Our guides will also ensure that the correct level of assistance is provided to all members of the group - we are aware that everyone has a different level of fitness.

What do you need?

In order to tackle challenging gorges, the following equipment is needed: Helmet Wetsuit Bouyancy Aid Suitable footwear, Cardiff International White Water Centre provides all specialist equipment so the only thing you need to remember to bring is  your footwear and yourself!


If you like water sports such as surfing, white water rafting or kayaking then you will love gorge walking! For safety reasons, gorge walking is often a team activity so it is particularly suitable for stag and hen dos, school trips or birthday parties where you get to jump into plunge pools with your friends! At CIWW we take groups from ages 12 and up. To get a visual idea of what to expect, check out our video below.

If you love the outdoors and water sports, gorge walking is the perfect activity for you! Get in touch to book your gorge walking trip today!