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With more and more businesses realising the benefits that team building can offer, our activities are becoming increasingly popular. From the many businesses and organisations we have provided team building activities to, we have received really positive feedback. With past clients including the BBC, Channel 4, HSBC, Cardiff Blues and the Ospreys, we believe that we have a unique team building experience to offer businesses, organisations and sports clubs in the Cardiff area. In this article, we will highlight the many benefits of that our exciting team building activities can offer.

Improved levels of motivation

There are a number of ways in which team building activities can increase employee motivation. When employees experience success as part of a team, they begin to feel more confident, which in turn increases their motivation levels. Furthermore, commitment to arranging team building activities shows that a business is willing to invest in its employees. A lot of employees are more motivated when they gain trust in their fellow employees and realise that their work as a team will be appreciated by their managers.

Better productivity levels

In most cases, the primary reason behind team building activities is to boost morale and improve productivity levels. As employees learn to collaborate with each other more effectively, they are then able to complete day to day tasks more efficiently. Furthermore, team building activities provide employees with the opportunity to identify new ways to improve policies, processes and procedures which may have been inhibiting productivity levels.

A chance to establish team roles

Every member within a team will have roles that they are naturally more suited to. For example, some people have the leadership skills needed to manage a team, its objectives and delegate tasks, while others may have more of an eye for detail, making them ideal for roles that involve quality management. What makes team building activities so effective is the fact that they allow employees to focus on what they do best, whilst at the same time giving them the chance to determine their ideal role within a team.

A chance to highlight any strengths and weaknesses

While nobody is perfect, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It’s not unusual for employees to excel when solving complex technical problems yet struggle with creative tasks. Nor is it unusual for employees to excel with creative tasks yet struggle with technical ones. Team building activities are the perfect opportunity to pinpoint any strengths and weaknesses that employees have. It’s helpful to understand these strengths and weaknesses so that your employee’s skills can be utilised more appropriately in the workplace.

Better communication

Team building activities are a unique way to break down communication barriers between people who wouldn’t usually get the chance to speak to one another. People who have never worked together as part of a team will benefit significantly from the opportunity and develop a host of new communication skills that only a team building activity can teach. By overcoming a challenge in an enjoyable environment, employees will feel more confident when communicating with each other back in the workplace.

A chance to try out a fun filled activity

One of the reasons why our team building activities are so popular is due to the fact that they are so exciting. What better way to improve employee morale than to take them White Water Rafting? This activity will require them to communicate effectively as they manoeuvre their way through our challenging waters. As well as White Water Rafting, our choice of team building activities include hot dogging, stand up paddle boarding, Canoeing, and kayaking.

If you are interested in booking our team building activities, or you would like to know more about them, call us today on (029) 2082 9970