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Kids these days are obsessed with video games – if you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced this first-hand! So what makes the virtual worlds of these games so appealing to young people? It’s all about banding together with other players to battle monsters and overcome challenges. It’s the thrill of extreme situations and the power of teamwork.

While all these aspects of gaming sound great, let’s be honest they normally require a lot of sofa time. Parents who are desperate to get their kids away from the consoles should bring adventures to life with CIWW’s fun-filled courses:

Battle the rapids

Our white water course is perfect for young thrill seekers. Your children can put their paddling skills to the test by working together and busting out their best moves to defeat the waves. Depending on their level of proficiency, kids are matched up with a course at the appropriate rapid level and speed. And, much like with video games, the more experience they gain, the better they will get at taking on extreme courses!

You can turn this into a family day out and take your younger children on the slower, lower rapids, where you can guide the raft through the white water at a leisurely pace. Older adventurers, meanwhile, may enjoy teaming up with friends and taking on the challenge of the white water as a fearless group.

Surf the (Indoor) Wave

Our Indoor Wave simulator, FlowRider®, offers an alternative water adventure for energetic explorers. Combining the best of both worlds, CIWW’s technology brings adventures to life in a controlled environment away from the beach.

During our fun-filled Indoor Wave sessions, young adventurers can learn to ride real waves and perfect their moves side-by-side with friends or siblings. No previous experience is required, but a sense of fun and determination is essential.

Complete the air trail

Take your kids’ next adventure to the skies with our Air Trail course. To complete the trail, youngsters will have to navigate a high ropes terrain filled with steel and timber obstacles, such as Burma Bridge, Monkey Swing, Barrel Crawl and Zip Wire. All your children need to take on the course towering above the white water is an adventurous spirit and a thirst for fun!

Playground mode watersports

Our paddle courses for kids offer 8 to 16 year olds the opportunity to get used to the mechanics of surfing, canoeing and kayaking on flatwater before levelling up to the white water rapids. Standing on an oversized board, children will move through the water using a canoe-style paddle.

The greatest thing about Stand Up Paddleboarding is that the children can determine the difficulty themselves to suit their mood and experience, making as much or as little effort as they want. Our paddle courses are designed as multiplayer, and best enjoyed in Squad mode where your kids paddle in a team of four.

Scale the walls

Our climbing wall is another fantastic way to give your kids a taste of real-life adventures without any of the risks. The challenge of scaling the wall and the trick of working their way to the top will have your brood bursting with enthusiasm in a way that no virtual battle can achieve. Better yet, when they’ve made it to the top they’ll be glowing with a sense of achievement and ready to refuel with cake at our Café bar.

Bring adventure to life with our kid-friendly activities.