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Cardiff International White Water
Watkiss Way
Cardiff Bay
CF11 0SY

It's no secret kayakers flock to CIWW to hone their skills ready for the next storm, but one of the best spots on the course to learn and play is hidden away from prying eyes. 

The final wave, under the bridge, is home to one of the best waves on the course* although out of sight this wave has queues of people ready to surf all day long.

The wave does change, but how and why does it change from time to time? The wave is constantly changing and changes massively on different releases from being a small wave on 6 cumecs to a big green wave on 10 cumecs, but it's never the same 2 weeks in a row. 
This is down to the level of the retained water pool, RWP (lake), we lose and gain water in the RWP from such things as evaporation and heavy rainfall. This means the level is constantly changing meaning we never quite know how to wave is going to react next week. 

When the RWP level is low we top up from the river Ely but before we top up we check the water quality report for the Harbour authority to check the water quality has passed all the tests.

Check out some fun that was had on the wave on an 8 cumec release

*Quote many awesome kayakers