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Stand Up Paddle Boarding as a work-out alternative

I am not a fan of the gym; in fact, I have never set foot in one.  My exercise routine mostly consists of walking the dog and watching others jog around the park. It was during a dog walk one evening that I noticed a small group walking on water (which I later found out was called Stand up Paddle boarding) cruising along through Cardiff.

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I am giving that a go, I decided - it looked so peaceful and fun, with everyone chatting happily and grinning!  That’s what lead me to sign up to the Ladies only group sessions run by Cardiff International White Water. The SUP sessions were spread over 4 weeks, every Wednesday and in the evenings, which is perfect for after work. We were a small group of women of all ages with one thing in common: we had never tried it before!

What does the Ladies Only Stand Up Paddle Boarding experience include?

After meeting our instructor, who immediately made us feel at ease, we got changed and as a group of fearless stand up paddle boarders, we were off!  Following a brief introduction to the board, paddle and leash, we were straight onto the water. Initially, I was truly amazed by how easy the board was to kneel on, and it wasn’t long before we off stand up paddle boarding!

Over the next two hours, we learnt to paddle forwards and turn the board, as well as acquaint ourselves with some essential safety basics. Over the four evenings, we glided our way along the river Ely, observing the kingfishers and herons along the bank.  For our last session, we ventured out into Cardiff Bay, stand up paddle boarding along the edge into the river Taff. 

I was so pleased that within four weeks and only 8 hours I was confidently SUPing.  The course left me feeling confident to join the SUP social, a like minded group of SUPers who paddle on Wednesday evenings. We had such a great experience, and every time we went out was a great laugh!

How hard is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

It is fairly easy, but be warned, you are definitely in for some exercise!  My arms and legs ached after each session, but as its low or no impact, it felt great to know I had been working out without thinking much of it!

I highly recommend stand up paddle boarding, and the ladies only sessions were a perfect fit for me.  Cardiff International White Water also runs bespoke courses for groups, one to one coaching and tester sessions. Therefore, if you are like me and are put off by an indoor gym, SUP in Cardiff is a great way to make your body and mind feel reinvigorated. I’m addicted!

Get in touch with the friendly team at CIWW to sign up for your Ladies Only Introduction to Women's Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)