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Have you delved into the world of cold water swimming? It might sound like an activity reserved for the most adventurous of us, but it is actually an activity within the reach of all of us, and brings with it numerous benefits.

Many of the activities at CIWW involve submerging yourself in cold water! From cold water swimming, to eskimo rolls….all the way through to an unexpected dip when you fall in! We are huge advocates of the wet stuff, all year round. So here’s how research has proved it can help on a whole host of levels:

1. It kick-starts your metabolism

Did you know that your ‘brown’ fat (otherwise known as adipose tissue) is activated when you submerge yourself in cold water, which helps to maintain your body temperature. You will also burn calories, keeping warm.

2. It offers pain relief

As cold water narrows your arteries, it acts to reduce potential inflammation and ease sore muscles.

3. It gives your immune system a boost 

Regular cold water swimmers find that their bodies get better at fighting off infections and may find they’re less run down as a result. 

4. It keeps you fit and healthy

Exposing yourself to the harsher elements, makes your body work hard physically and mentally. 

5. It clears your mind and helps you focus

With the ability to lift ‘brain fog’ through the many electrical impulses that are sent to your brain, cold water releases endorphins and jolts your system into increasing your alertness, and clarity.

6. It’s a natural stress reliever

When you repeatedly put your body under the stress of cold water exposure, over time regular cold water swimmers become calmer and more relaxed as their bodies get used to repeated cold water shock.

7. It improves your circulatory system

Your lymphatic vessels contract in cold water, pumping your lymphatic fluid through your body and effectively giving it a good cleanse, helping to remove waste and toxins. 

8. It helps you sleep 

Cold water is a stimulus for your parasympathetic nervous system, in particular, your vagus nerve. This gives you a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Not sure where to start?

If you’ve spent your winter on land, and think it’s time to try a dip, then why not introduce yourself slowly with a cold water activity to get your started? Our regular cold water swimming sessions start up in the Spring, so if you are interested, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when sessions are open for booking this year.